Risk Management Reviews

Analysis of Coverage

  • Does your insurance program include the appropriate lines of coverage?
  • Does your insurance program have major gaps in coverage?
  • Is your rating exposure basis correct?
  • Are you aware of all the deductible and limit options that are available?
  • What is your claims history?
  • Are you aware of the procedures to properly report a claim?

Creation of Client Risk Digest (CRD)

The CRD is developed in the discovery phase with the client. The CRD is a summary of:

  • The exposures to loss
  • The specific risks to your company
  • The recommended coverage solutions

Analysis of Premium and Rates Charged

  • Are you with the most competitive insurance carrier?
  • Are the exposure amounts accurate?
  • Are your risks properly classified?

Detailed Proposals

  • Coverage Summaries
  • Coverage Definitions
  • Coverage Comparisons
  • Marketing Summaries