Our Value Proposition

HRA Insurance Services is a provider of corporate and personal insurance products. Early stage and middle market companies need quality risk management advice but cannot afford to employ a full-time risk manager. HRA acts as an outsourced risk management department.

Our objective is to provide cost competitive and customized risk management solutions that minimize the total cost of risk. HRA Insurance Services clearly and efficiently communicates risk management issues with our clients.

The HRA Insurance Services Approach emphasizes:

  • Expertise - The ability of our team to understand your risk and deliver cutting edge solutions.

  • Experience - Our "big broker" experience allows us to bring enterprise risk management solutions to the middle market in a cost-effective manner.

  • Transparency - HRA Insurance Services devotes significant resources to providing meaningful communication tools, such as detailed proposals and coverage comparisons, to help you understand risk management issues.

  • Competitive - Our access to a broad range of markets enables HRA Insurance Services to deliver a range of "best value" options.